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Hello Beautiful Mommy Digital Service

Step 1 – Sign up!

  • You fill out a short form to tell us your due date and who will tell us when your baby arrives (if you’re hands are full!).


Step 2 – It’s baby time!

  • You have a baby!  Someone tells us – maybe you, maybe your mom


Step 3 – Pour on the love! You pour love on your baby, we pour love on you!

  • Hello Beautiful Mommy sends you daily supportive affirmationsand inspirational quotes to your phone as an SMS or MMS messages.  Your friends and family send notes of Congratulations or stop by too.  
  • After a few weeks, the notes and visits from friends + family stop, but notes daily messages from Hello Beautiful Mommy continue for 3-12 months.  

Hello Beautiful Mommy Premium

The Whole Process

Step 1 – Collection

  • We contact your family and friends, they tell us how cool you are and how fantastic of a mother you’re going to be (or are already).

We make it easy, by contacting them via email or sending you printable cards for your baby shower which you can snap a picture of and upload. 

Our system takes special care to help you and your friends and family get in the right frame of mind to give the type of message that you will want to hear most: authentic, warm and kind-hearted.


Step 2 – It’s baby time!

  • You have a baby!  Someone tells us – maybe you, maybe your mom.
  • Your friends and family can continue to send us more digital and handwritten notes – and you can send us a snapshot of the notes people bring to you in the hospital or at home.

Step 3 – You’re home with your beautiful baby.  We send you a message every day.

  • We curate your body of wonderful notes and messages, break them into bite-sized pieces and send them to you, spaced out over the first year.

    We include your friends + family’s messages with our Hello Beautiful Mommy notes + quotes


    We know you’ll look at your phone every time it buzzes, so we send them as SMS and MMS messages.

    We want to make sure all those lovely, uplifting, affirming things that your friends and family believe about you don’t go unsaid, or sit in a scrapbook in the closet, when you most need to hear it.


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