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We have an acute awareness of how vulnerable we are now, during pregnancy, and during our birth.  We are in awe of the life we’re building in our bellies and how much potential for absorbing the world this little person has and are excited about how much we can share with them.  These little babies will be need machines, relying on us for every aspect of their survival.

You will always remember who was kind to you during the vulnerable times in your life

If we’re fortunate enough to have another 30-50 years on this planet , we will experience another vulnerable lifestage.  As much as toddlers struggle with their independence and pride of wanting to do it myself, toddlers don’t know what real independence is, so they don’t know what they are missingWhen you grow old, you come back to the same lifestage of relying on someone else to meet your basic needs, with the added indignity to know what you used to be capable of doing.


This past week, I was talking to my aunt at my cousin’s baby shower.  She has a lot of responsibilities for her elderly parents (my grandparents) and in talking about her challenges I saw how much the overlapped with the challenges of living with a little one.

How it takes so much longer to leave or arrive.  How you have to carry so many extra things for them.  How you rearrange for their schedules. How they can be inflexible on routines or whatever aspect of their live they are able to control, since there are so few.  The exercise in patience to let them have any independence in doing something, and the level of concentration and effort it takes for them to accomplish it.


I see my grandparents frequently, but I only see the best of it because when I see my grandparents, I show up with a baby (now toddler), who is so full of life, the distraction and entertainment.  I don’t see that my grandparents are sometimes ornery or stubborn.  I barely even see the symptoms of dementia.

Everything difficult or unpleasant all falls out of the present experience around the very young

Everything difficult or unpleasant all falls out of the present experience around the very young

It is so delightful to watch them together.

I was so happy to see someone putting the very young and the very old together, on a larger scale then just grandparents and grandchildren.  I want to share this with you film about intergenerational experiences of children and elderly at the Providence Mount St. Vincent retirement home in Seattle, WA, which is also home to the Intergenerational Learning Center.

Check out the trailer here:


and if you’re moved like I was, back the kickstarter campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1246023967/present-perfect-a-documentary-film-post-production