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We all look at your phones the nano-second that it buzzes.

When the new mom in your life’s phone buzzes, it’s going to say something supportive, sweet, that will make her feel awesome.

Hello Beautiful Mommy™ Digital provides online support for mother’s, without you having to lift a finger.

So many online support groups for mothers are helpful and worth the time commitment and scheduling that they require.  But when you are in those first few months adjusting to motherhood, learning how to take care of your baby, sometimes joining a group, is just one more thing that you don’t have time to do!

With Hello Beautiful Mommy™ Digital, you don’t need to reciprocate, don’t need to send a thank you note.  You don’t need to do anything at all.  You just read the text, feel good and go back to baby knowing that you’re an amazing mom.

You shower her with love and support

You throw her a baby shower, you send congratulations and warm welcomes to the new baby.  She knows she’s loved.  We will make sure she doesn’t forget, not even for one day.

Is Hello Beautiful Mommy Digital a good fit?

You might want to buy Hello Beautiful Mommy™ Digital if…

You live far away from your immediate family or close friends

Most of your contact with friends is tied to work, sports, drinking or something else that you’ll be giving up in the first few months after the baby comes

You expect to find it difficult to entertain visitors after the baby comes

You haven’t had the energy or time to keep up with important people in your life lately

You have risk factors of post partum depression

You might want to give a gift of Hello Beautiful Mommy™ Digital

if you’d like to spend time with and be helpful to your friend who is about to have a baby and…

You live in a different town than her.

It’s not very convenient to get to her house.

You work a lot

You travel a lot

You have kids in school sports and activities

You have a very full schedule

It’s been hard to make plans with her, something always seems to come up and one of you has to cancel.

You might not be a good fit for Hello Beautiful Mommy™ Digital if…

You’re annoyed when you get a text message

You almost never check email or your phone

It doesn’t lift your spirits to think about people who love you

You’re not comfortable asking friends and family to say something nice about you,or having us ask on your behalf (Hello Beautiful Mommy Premium)

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How often will you send me something?


Twice daily often during the hardest weeks: growth spurts defined by Wonder Weeks authors Hetty van de Rijt Ph.D and Frans Plooij Ph.D.

Which formats? How will I get these lovely notes & messages?

Text messages: SMS and MMS

Why wouldn’t my Friends & Family just send their own texts?

1. The type of message that will lift you up and make you feel good will not just roll of their fingertips.

It’s just not natural for people to know what to say or to be able to say it concisely.  They would say something generically enthusiastic “Congratulations!” or “Your baby is beautiful!” which is wonderful to hear but they could say so much more.

These are people who know you, who saw you in every iteration of life as you grew into the woman you are today.  They cried with you when you didn’t get into your first choice college, or they cried with you at the end of The Notebook.  They cheered for you when you got your first job and they toasted you on your wedding day.  They trusted you to babysit their children or they grew up with you.  There is a lot more that they could say than “Congratulations!” but someone has to ask them.

Hello Beautiful Mommy asks questions whose answers produce heartfelt, touching comments. Then HBM will take the long and verbose responses to these questions and break them into small, digestible ideas in your friends’ own words, just cut down to something that can be texted.  Or if it’s a beautiful thought but it can’t be edited down, we’ll send it to her in a way that we know she’ll have an easy time reading it

2. They will all send a text message at the same time, and it won’t be the time when you need it.

Naturally, your friends & family will text you spontaneously as soon as they think of you, most likely when you first have the baby or when they first hear that you’re pregnant.

When you message that you had the baby, everyone will message you back “Congratulations!” this surge of goodwill feels really great that day… but you won’t really need to hear it.  You’re gushingly excited and overwhelmed with joy.

The baby’s needs change every couple weeks, and it takes a while for mom & dad to adjust to how to meet those needs, and with that comes more crying & less sleep.  That’s when you will miss the quieter or cleaner parts of your old life.  Your friends and family will have moved on to other dramas in their life and won’t be messaging you the heartfelt thoughts that they felt when they first heard, and that are still true.

Hello Beautiful Mommy staggers the messages over time, so you’re never too far from a supportive cheer and you’re constantly reminded of people who love you.

I'm a birth worker, I see new moms all the time. Can I get a bulk deal?

Absolutely!  Pick a time that’s convenient to talk to Kathy at https://calendly.com/hellobeautiful/, we’ll get you set up!