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Does having a baby make “difficult” people easier to tolerate?

You might not know that I’m a hobby-poet.  Writing poetry was my hobby years ago (I actually just typed happy instead of hobby, love those Freudian slips!).

I just woke up early one morning this week, and the poem just flowed out of me.  I’ve written 3-4 since then and that was just the morning before last.  As I’m reconnecting to it I’m bringing it in to Hello Beautiful Mommy.

So, along with the normal blog posts that I share, I’m going to write some of the topics as poems.  I hope you enjoy them (as poems), but I hope you also appreciate them for the same reason as you appreciate in the same way that appreciate any blog, and you see the meaning for you and support behind them.


You love the sound of your own voice

Little baby

3 months old

On his back under a jungle mobile

Kicking your feet rhythmically

And squealing with delight


You love the sound of your own voice


I laugh to think of the last time I used that phrase

To describe some blowhard

Dominating a meeting

Overpowering his colleagues.


Knowing you, little baby

Helps me find the same soft patience

That I have for your weeping

For these childish adults

And their childlike pleasures.


Even when those childlike pleasures

Are super annoying.


Kathy McJacobson

May 2015