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Hi, I’m Kathy McJacobson, founder of Hello Beautiful Mommy™.

The idea for Hello Beautiful Mommy™ began while I was in Switzerland, transferred for work from my hometown Chicago – where nearly all my friends and family lived.  I brought home a beautiful baby boy, while 2 of my best friends were pregnant with their first babies, back in the US.

I thought that the reason parts were hard for me was due to me living in a foreign country and not having family closeby, but the more I talked about my experiences, the more I heard the same story from new moms everywhere, no matter their circumstances.

I wanted to help support my friends as they had their babies a few months after me, but I couldn’t visit or find any way besides sending food.

I wanted there to be a way for friends and family who live too far (or are too busy) to be there in person for a new mom to help ease the transition to motherhood.  So I created Hello Beautiful Mommy™.  Our digital support service that sends supportive text messages with affirmations and inspirational quotes to new moms in the first few months home with their baby, while our calendars provide daily supportive messages in a beautiful design.

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Hello Beautiful Mommy™ Supportive Calendar: Baby’s Age

Hello Beautiful Mommy™ Supportive Calendar: 2016

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